About Us

Love pets? Love people? Want to make a difference in their lives? Then The Pet Club may be a perfect fit for you. We are a 35-year old company that offers superior pet nutrition, products and care with store locations in Arizona and Colorado. As an in-store team member, your job will be to welcome people to the club, take the time to get to know them and provide personalized expertise that helps strengthen that special bond between pets and their people. In addition to our teams in store, we have a centralized group of specialized associates in finance, human resources, marketing and merchandising who partner with store teams on the strategy and systems that empower stores to care for pets and their people. With two store footprints, one that caters to pet owners and a second that also offers feed, tack and more for ranchers, The Pet Club is filled with everything pets and their people need to lead happier lives together.


The Pet Club started in 1982, in Apache Junction, Arizona, with its roots in farming, ranching, feed and tack. What started with one feed store grew to five stores. Over the next several years, the company experienced rapid growth into urban locations that catered to pet owners. Today, the same foundations that made those original stores successful still run deep: A love of animals, a responsibility to care for them and the drive to continue learning. These come together in a store experience that is more like a community…a club…yes, a Pet Club!


The Pet Club is filled with people who love working with pets and their people. It’s a place where making a fuss over that cute Dalmatian, that tiny Tabby or that Quarter Horse in the trailer is beyond okay! The Pet Club is also a place for answers, community, caring and fun. You’ll learn from experts and from other team members, so you can answer customer questions with confidence. Adoption events, community projects, getting pets gorgeous even finding the perfect plaything, that’s all part of a day’s work. The Pet Club Team truly enjoys seeing pets get and stay healthy and happy. We’re also a culture of listening first, getting to know pets and their people, understanding their issues and then recommending ways to help. It really feels good to know you’re part of a company that offers superior nutrition, products and care, and that’s a community of like-minded, like hearted people who want to strengthen that special bond pets and their people share.